Good Karma & Little Lato

Coffee how you like it. A rainbow of gelato. Decadent cakes.

Bang Bang Kitchen

A modern Asian Fusion eatery that majors in bold, punchy flavours.

Ika Bowl

Healthy Māori and Polynesian Food with a balance of contemporary and traditional flavours.

Lobster & Tap

A shack completely dedicated to the delicacy of premium Canadian wild caught lobster in a buttered bun. Level 3 takeaways available from

The Wreck

Craft beers, NZ wine, liquor, hard sodas, tall tales.

Billy Pot

When your raw ingredients are the best in the world your dishes deserve to be simple. Fabulous fresh Oysters, mussel hotpots, chowders, burgers and more.

Mar & Tierra

Mar & Tierra, meaning sea and land, presents carefully curated flavours encompassing the best of South America and New Zealand.

Market Galley

Eastern food, Western food, old favourites, future classics. The market’s kitchen where the choicest produce get turned into fresh and flavoursome fare.

OJI Sushi

FAST FUEL NOT FAST FOOD. Sushi, Salads, Bao, Gyoza. High-quality ingredients full of flavour, protein and omegas.

Sanford and Sons

The oldest fish seller in NZ presents the newest Fishmonger in NZ. A state of the art facility stocked with the best seafood in the country.




Started by Albert Sanford in 1904 the Auckland Fish Market has been the beating heart of New Zealand seafood for well over 100 years. Now rebooted, reenergised and rebuilt, the Auckland Fish Market is a temple to the senses filled with the most passionate fishmongers and chefs that the New Zealand food scene has to offer. An international standard with a local focus. With 100’s of fish species and dishes on offer curiosity will be rewarded.

The Auckland Fish Market is managed and stocked by Sanford who prioritise sustainability and longevity in the way they fish. Respect the ocean. Care for the ocean. Share the ocean.

Old Sanford and Sons


22 Jellicoe St, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland 1010

For Venue or Table Booking, Lost Property and Enquires

Trading Hours

Good Karma & Little Lato
Mon – Thurs 7am – 4pm, Fri 7am – 9pm, Sat 9am – 9pm, Sun 9am – 5pm
Ika Bowl
Mon – Tues 11am – 3pm, Wed – Sun 11am -4pm
Mar & Tierra
Mon – Wed 11am – 4pm, Thurs & Sun 11am – 7pm, Fri – Sat 11am – 8pm
Billy Pot
Mon – Tue 11am – 5pm, Sun & Wed – Thurs 11am – 7pm, Fri – Sat: 11am – 8pm
Sanford and Sons
Mon – Thurs 8am – 5pm, Fri – Sun 8am – 6pm
Market Galley and The Wreck
Mon – Tues Closed
Open Wednesday – Sunday 11-5pm
Lobster and Tap
Open Saturday-Sunday 11-5pm
Bang Bang Kitchen
Temporarily closed until further notice

Closed Christmas Day

Public transport info

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